MRSA diagnostics – The optimal solution for your need!

“We don’t have a PCR screening yet!“

Our solution for your direct detection:

Test system:   FluoroCycler® MRSA
Technical equipment:   1-4  FluoroCycler®

Detection directly from clinical swab specimens

Even small labs without experience in molecular diagnostics can easily establish a PCR-based screening with our MRSA product series. We assist you with the implementation as well as with the training of your laboratory staff. With FluoroType® MRSA we offer you a particularly user-friendly and efficient solution: MRSA is detected via SCCmec cassette directly from patient specimens and thus enables a reliable result within only 2.5 hours. There is no need for cost-intensive technical equipment. From amplification to detection all steps run fully automated in the FluoroCycler®. This makes MRSA screening a routine also in your lab!


“We need more information!“

Our solution for your staphylococci differentiation: 


Test system:   GenoType MRSA
Technical equipment:   1 Thermocycler
    1 TwinCubator

Detection of the PVL-specific fragment and resistance mediating genes

Besides MRSA screening, we have developed a test system for staphylococci differentiation from culture samples: GenoType MRSA enables the detection of S. aureus and S. epidermidis. Besides the resistance mediating gene mecA GenoType MRSA also enables the detection of mecCand reliable differentiation of nosocomial MRSA and community-acquired (CA-) MRSA. This provides comprehensive information for an adequate therapy choice in only 2,5 hours.

“We have a lot of samples per day!“

Our solution for you:

Test system:   FluoroType® MRSA
    GenoType MRSA
Technical equipment:   4 FluoroCycler®
    1 Thermocycler
    1 GT-Blot 48
    1 GenoScan®

Efficient test systems for high throughput testing

Whether MRSA screening or species differentiation – our test systems are applicable for small as well as for large sample batches. By the flexible use of several FluoroCycler® units, with the FluoroType® MRSA up to 96samples can be analysed either sample by sample or in a complete run. The GenoType MRSA is optimally integrable into your daily lab routine: The GT-Blot 48 enables the fully automated hybridisation of up to 48 samples, analysis and result interpretation is performed by the user-friendly GenoScan®. This makes your MRSA diagnostics even with high sample batches fast and efficient!


“Our present diagnostics is too expensive!“

Our solution for you:

Test system:   FluoroType® MRSA
    GenoType MRSA
Technical equipment:   1-4 FluoroCycler®
    1 Thermocycler
    1 TwinCubator

Affordable quality diagnostics

You look for a cost efficient yet top quality solution with efficient sample processing and excellent service? From DNA extraction to exporting results to your LIMS, we offer you all necessary components in high quality, with high comfort and maximum flexibility. Besides an intensive practical training with our products and equipment, you can also get the service and maintenance by our well-trained personnel. We will help you to make your MRSA diagnostics even more cost efficient, faster and beneficial!

Technical equipment for FluoroType® MRSA

The FluoroCycler® is an optical thermal cycler for the fast and reliable MRSA screening with FluoroType® MRSA. Operation and evaluation is done by the user-friendly Fluoro-Software. Together with the computer the FluoroType® system is originating, that offers you highest flexibility: Four different FluoroCycler® units can be connected to one computer and individually accessed. Dependent on the sample income up to 48 samples in only 2.5 hours can be flexibly analyzed. The result interpretation can be easily connected into your Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS).

Technical equipment for the GenoType MRSA

For an easy and culture confirmation with GenoType MRSA we offer you –depending on your need and your sample batches– the adequate technical equipment as well as several automation options: The amplification of up to 24 or 96 samples are performed by the GTQ-Cycler 24 or GTQ-Cycler 96, respectively. Afterwards you have the choice between a manual hybridisation of up to 12 samples with the TwinCubator and a fully automated hybridisation of up to 48 samples with the GT-Blot 48. For an automated analysis and result interpretation the GenoScan® is available.


It’s your choice!

According to your requirements you can combine several instruments and make your own decision on your personal level of automation!

For a maximal efficiency of your laboratory diagnostics, the test systems can be combined with a wide spectrum of further CE-IVD certified tests.

Top service and an excellent training is our standard. The implementation of our MRSA product series is easy, cost efficient and is assisted by our well-trained personnel.


MRSA diagnostics of Hain Lifescience – The optimal solution for your need!

MRSA product series of Hain Lifescience 

Direct detection:                              
FluoroType® MRSA    Fast detection of MRSA from patient samples in 2.5 hours.
GenoType MRSA   Detection of S. aureus and S. epidermidis, the mecA gene and a  PVL specific fragments from culture samples.

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Fast diagnostics for a reliable MRSA screening
  • Molecular genetic test systems
  • Sensitive detection from direct material or culture samples
  • User-friendly
  • Automatable
  • Cost-efficient
  • CE-IVD certified
  • On-site training and service