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No matter if you want to start with molecular genetic testing, expand your existing mycobacteria diagnostics or look for an easy way to automate the processing: We have the appropriate solutions for all your needs!

“Laboratory without Experiences in Molecular Diagnostics”

Up to 40 patient specimens per day 

Technical equipment installed:   1 GenoXtract®
    1 Thermal Cycler
    1 TwinCubator
Test system:   GenoType MTBDRplus
    GenoType Mycobacterium CM/AS

“Our main problem was to find skilled personnel for modern TB diagnostics. Hain Lifescience supported us in training lab staff and implementation of molecular biological test systems. With their professional instructions and some helpful background information, we are now able to routinely and reliably test for drug resistance, M. tuberculosis complex or nontuberculous mycobacteria. By now, we think about enlarging our lab and taking on more staff …” 

“Low Throughput Laboratory”

Approx. 90 patient specimens per day  

Technical equipment installed:   1 Thermal Cycler
    1 GT-Blot 48
    1 GenoScan®
Test system:   GenoType Mycobacterium CM/AS
    GenoType MTBC
    GenoType MTBDRplus

“As we find many mycobacteria other than tuberculosis here, we routinely use GenoType Mycobacterium CM for the detection of M. tuberculosis complex and NTM. For further differentiation of MTB complex and identification of BCG, we use GenoType MTBC. In case of treatment failure, we also test for resistance to rifampicin and isoniazid. The line-probe assays of Hain Lifescience are valuable diagnostic tools: with one single platform we can do several tests to get detailed information within short time."

“Laboratory with Medium Throughput in a High MDR/XDR Burden Country”

Approx. 180 – 200 patient specimens per day   

Technical equipment installed:   2 Thermal Cycler
    GT-Blot 48
    1 GenoScan®
Test system:   GenoType MTBDRplus
    GenoType MTBDRsl
    GenoType Mycobacterium CM

“We routinely test sputum or culture samples with GenoType MTBDRplus for rifampicin and isoniazid resistance. In case of positive results and respective clinical findings, we continue with GenoType MTBDRsl for XDR detection. In case of MTB negative results, we do further species differentiation with GenoType Mycobacterium CM. The line-probe assays not only improved DST in our lab, but made it also extremely fast and efficient.”

“High Throughput Laboratory in a High MDR/XDR Burden Country”

Approx. 300 – 400 patient specimens per day 

Technical equipment installed:   4 Thermal Cycler
    GT-Blot 48
    1 GenoScan®
Test system:   GenoType MTBDRplus
    GenoType MTBDRsl

“Because of the high rate of MDR-TB cases, we need a fast and efficient method to detect resistance against first-line drugs. With GenoType MTBDRplus we have the possibility to test either sputum or culture samples to detect TB complex and its resistance to rifampicin and isoniazid within five hours only. Since we have about 400 samples per day, we have automated the test procedure in large parts. Hain Lifescience provided us the full range of technical equipment. The implementation has been quick and easy due to their friendly and active support.”

How to make your laboratory routine even more efficient?

For the simple and fast implementation of our Mycobacteria Product Series in your laboratory routine, we offer user-friendly and cost-efficient technical equipment and instrumentation.


Fully Automated Extraction of Nucleic Acids with GenoXtract®  
  Amplification of up to 96 Samples with Thermal Cycler GTQ-Cycler 96
Manual Hybridization of up to 12 Samples with TwinCubator  
  Automated Hybridization of up to 48 Samples with GT-Blot 48
Automated Evaluation and Result Interpretation with GenoScan®  

 It’s Your Choice!
According to your requirements you can combine several instruments and make your own decision on your personal level of automation! The minimum instrumentation you need to perform the test systems of the Mycobacteria Product Series is a Thermal Cycler and a TwinCubator. The maximum level of automation available for the test systems of the Mycobacteria Product Series is a combination of: GenoXtract®, Thermal Cycler, GT-Blot 48 and GenoScan®. The implementation is cost-efficient, easy and assisted by our well-trained personnel. Top service and excellent training is our standard.

Mycobacteria Diagnostics from Hain Lifescience 

Direct Detection:    
GenoType Mycobacteria Direct   Direct Detection and differentiation of M. tuberculosis complex and 4 NTM from patient specimens
GenoType MTBDRplus   Detection of M. tuberculosis complex and its resistance to rifampicin and/or isoniazid
GenoType MTBDRsl   Detection of M. tuberculosis complex and its resistance to fluoroquinolones, aminoglycosides/cyclic peptides and/or ethambutol
GenoType LepraeDR   Detection of M. leprae and its resistance to rifampicin, ofloxacin and/or dapsone from clinical specimens

GenoType MTBC

  Identification of all M. tuberculosis complex species from cultures
GenoType Mycobacterium CM   Identification of M. tuberculosis complex and 27 NTM from cultures
GenoType Mycobacterium AS   Identification of 19 further NTM from cultures

Your Benefits of Our Wide Range of Mycobacteria Diagnostics and Instrumentation

  • Reasonable prices and low implementation costs
  • Suitable and economical for low, mid and high throughput
  • One single platform for direct detection, drug susceptibility testing and differentiation
  • Required service-friendly instrumentation directly available from Hain Lifescience
  • Excellent training, support and onsite service worldwide