FluoroType® MTBDR VER 1.0 – Your test system for the reliable detection of MDR-TB

Your fluorescence-based single-tube multiplex PCR for the rapid detection of the M. tuberculosis complex and its resistance to rifampicin and isoniazid directly from patient samples and culture material

FluoroType® MTBDR is based on the innovative asymmetric excess PCR with subsequent fluorescence-based Lights-On/Lights-Off probe detection. In one single tube the test system allows the simultaneous detection of the M. tuberculosis complex as well as of the resistance-mediating mutations in the genes rpoB, inhA and katG. Decontaminated sputum and culture samples can be used as sample material.

DNA is isolated manually from mycobacteria using FluoroLyse. The subsequent amplification and detection are performed in the FluoroCycler® 96. Results are interpreted by the user-friendly Fluoro-Software® and are displayed in the FluoroCycler® Report. Therefore, FluoroType® MTBDR allows the reliable detection of MDR-TB in only three hours.

Your benefits with FluoroType® MTBDR

  • New technology: The innovative FluoroType® technology that is based on the asymmetric excess PCR and detection via Light-On/Lights-Off probes, allows the reliable diagnostics of MDR-TB. But also mono-resistances are reliably detected.
  • User-friendly processing: Amplification und detection are performed automatically in the closed system of the FluoroCycler® 96. An Internal Control ensures valid results from sample preparation to result interpretation.
  • Fast results: Test results are available after only 3 hours. This guarantees a vast timely advantage compared to culture-based testing.
  • Reliable result interpretation: The user-friendly and test-specific Fluoro-Software® takes over result interpretation. Well-described mutations are identified and rare, unknown mutations in the target sequences can also be detected.
  • CE-marked: No need for elaborate validation studies.

At a glance
Molecular genetic test system for the detection of the M. tuberculosis complex and its resistance to rifampicin and isoniazid

Starting material:
Pulmonary specimens and culture samples

DNA isolation:

Instrument for amplification and detection:
FluoroCycler® 96

Order number:
24 tests No. 62124
96 tests No. 62196

FluoroType® technology